GoogleAds for B2B vs B2C – what’s different?

“We tried GoogleAds / Adwords, but it didn’t work for us”

If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard that, I’d not be working anymore right now. See, the most common scenario when a company tries GoogleAds, is this one: 

  1. company hires wrong agency or person to do it, someone with high experience in B2C/e-commerce, and so on, yet never did it for B2B.
  2. Agency/person tries to apply B2C principles on B2Bcampaign
  3. Agency/person/B2B company are failing
  4. When asked, they say “oh we tried it, but it doesn’t work for us”

This is how I started 7 years ago, after years of trying B2C e-commerce and B2B, I realized most people or agencies are doing it wrong. It’s like you drive a bus everyday, and then feel like you could fly a plane. That opposite they are. Here’s a short list of the differences:

a. First, the CPC. While in B2C everyone strives for lowest CPC possible, in B2B I pay even £100 per click sometimes. In B2C that would be the end of a contract. Per click!, not conversion. But having very large Average order values in B2B, makes that very profitable in most cases.

b. Then, there’s the path from click to buy, while in B2C it should be as short as possible, in B2B it may take even 6 months or more to sign a customer (but in most cases worth the trouble, because the revenue from one of those customers may be bigger than 6 months of B2C sales).

c. One more, there’s the domain knowledge, and connection between the person doing GoogleAds, and the business manager. Nobody knows your business like you. And nobody in your business is doing B2B GoogleAds like me. Communication is pure gold here because picture this: word like recruitment may address different categories, 1. people looking for a job, and 2. People hiring. If you don’t have the domain expertise, you may attract the wrong audience and waste money. And then sometimes later, you’ll say “ah, we tried GoogleAds, but it didn’t work for us”

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